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Customer Reviews

Courtney took excellent care of me, providing me with all I asked for in a timely manner! Whenever I need assistance she is always willing to go above and beyond to help me out. I will be a lifelong member of Connor Insurance agency. THANK YOU COURTNEY!!!

Matthew T Hoffman

Chuck and Courtney are great folks to work with for all of your insurance needs. They have saved me over $1,000 per year on my car, home and boat insurance compared to the old company I was with. Plus, I sell residential real estate and recommend my buyer clients call Courtney for their insurance needs too.

Bob W

My experience with Connor insurance has been great! They have a great group of hardworking individuals that are there to insure that I am always taken care of. They really care about their customers. I recommend them to anyone!!

Kelly D

The guys over at Connor Insurance are great! They are always willing to put the work in to answer your questions and work up a quote. They are very knowledgable and offer helpful advice even if you don’t have a policy with them. It’s definitely worth your time to give them a call and see what they can do for you! Either way, you’ll hop of the phone with a smile because they are just those type of people.

Sassy S

Four years ago, I got a call from my son saying he’d been in an accident. He was not hurt bad, but he was banged up pretty good. My son was 3 hours away from me at that moment. I spoke to the highway patrolman and he reassured me my son was ok and that he would stay with him until someone arrived to pick him up. My son had just moved to start a business and knew basically a handful of people at his church. Once I was in my car headed to east, I called Connor Insurance office to report the accident. Oliver Connor answered the phone. I think Oliver knew just from me saying “OLIVER” that something was terribly wrong. Oliver calmed me. He first wanted to know the physical condition of my son. He was relieved as I was the officer said “your son is ok”. Oliver asked about the other party, I told him the man was drinking and ran straight into my son even after he ran him off the road. Oliver was reassuring. He was calm. He was concerned about my son. The total loss of my sons dodge ram truck was not that important at the moment. Oliver, explained for me to drive safely and to call him the next day when I had time to be with my son. Seeing the truck the next day to retrieve personal belongs and to take pictures to send to Oliver – I completely fell apart. The Lord is the only reason my son survived that accident with some minor injuries. It was his source of work. Chuck Connor and Oliver Connor were incredible in the amount of help and guidance they provided. Connor Insurance cares about their customers! They treat you like family!
Teresa McLean, Raleigh, NC

Teresa M

I contacted Andrew at Connor Insurance to inquire about various insurance needs and what competitive rates they could offer. Andrew was very great to deal with and courteous through the entire process. At the end, it was determined by Andrew, they would not be able to offer the most competitive rates in my area. Rather than end the call, Andrew went above and beyond the call of duty to offer tips in shopping for competitive insurance and even helped explain specific questions to ask to make sure I got a policy customized to my specific needs. I was thoroughly impressed with Andrew’s professionalism and expertise in the field and would recommend Andrew and Connor Insurance to all.

Garrett S

Establish wonderful relationships. Trustworthy. Have tremendous love for their craft. This organization sets the tone for all independent agencies around the state. Enough said (:

Owen T

Courtney & the staff took excellent care of me! I highly recommend this awesome local business.

Vicki T

Courtney Lail and everyone at Connor Insurance Agency is always so helpful with my questions. Courtney goes out of her way to be sure my insurance is setup correctly! I highly recommend them for all of your insurance needs! They are awesome!

Allison A Burgin

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