5 Types of Car Insurance Explained

Car insurance policies vary in what they cover. The state mandates certain types of coverage that you must have to legally get behind the wheel. However, the mandated minimum coverage may be far too low in some situations, such as being in a hit-and-run, in an accident with an uninsured driver, or if your car […]

Helping Your Home Recover from Winter

There’s a sense of deep pride that comes with being a homeowner. But with that satisfaction comes its share of weekend home improvement projects and upkeep, too. Winter is usually rough on your home. Once snow, ice, wind and freezing temperatures calm down, spring is a good time to check how your home withstood the […]

What to Know About ERIE’s Extended Water Coverage

What is Extended Water Coverage? ERIE’s Extended Water coverage1 provides protection for your home in the event of a sewer or drain backup, or from flooding such as inland flooding, tidal water, storm surge or mudflow and mudslide. This endorsement can be added to your ErieSecure Home® policy (or bundle) and offers protection for your home, […]

How Promoting Workplace Safety can Save You Money

No business owner wants to have injured an injured employee. Reducing the risk of accidents and injuries is a critical aspect of good management, in every industry. Employees who have been trained with customized worker safety programs are far less likely to be injured when performing the duties of employment – and file a claim […]

Can Having an Eco Friendly Home Reduce Your Homeowners Insurance?

Your homeowners insurance premiums can be reduced with eco-friendly changes to your home environment. Any way to reduce monthly costs is valuable, and it is worth considering whether making changes could help you save. Some of the incentives offered by several insurance providers include: LEED certification for a home: LEED, or “Leadership in Energy in […]

The Pros and Cons of Crowdfunding: Is It Right for Your Business?

As a business owner, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the old adage, “it takes money to make money.” It’s a fact that rings true for any new venture. Whether you’re looking to launch a startup, expand your existing service offering or add a second location, it requires an upfront financial investment. Traditionally, most entrepreneurs have had only […]

Help Your House Recover from Frost Heave

Frost heave occurs when ice forms underneath soil. As the frozen soil switches between freezing and thawing, it can cause the very foundation of your house to shift since frozen soil has about 10 percent more volume than dry soil. This can lead to serious structural damage to your foundation. Unfortunately, frost heave is not […]

7 Things Business Owners Can Spring Clean Without Picking Up a Mop

Each year, 78% of Americans tackle spring cleaning in their homes. If you’re one of them, chances are you enjoy rolling up your sleeves and using a little elbow grease to freshen up your abode. Not only can the results of this annual ritual leave you feeling less stressed, more at peace and more focused, […]

What to Look for When Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes

These days, it’s nearly impossible to turn on your television, listen to the radio or search the internet without seeing an ad for auto insurance. And every company seems to push the same message: “Switch to us and you could save money on your car insurance.” We all know that price is an important factor […]

Vlogging While Driving: What’s the Big Deal?

Everyone knows the dangers of texting while driving, but now there is another equally dangerous trend – vlogging while driving. What is Vlogging? A vlog is a blog in video form. Vlogging involves anyone talking to a camera mounted on their dashboard to create videos. While the behavior may seem safe because it’s hands-free, an […]