How To Control Workers’ Compensation Costs

Workers’ compensation has become a major contributing factor to the cost of business insurance. Premiums are high for many types of businesses, and the additional costs associated with employee injuries can be staggering. However, business owners are not as helpless as they may feel in controlling the cost of workers’ compensation insurance. Our knowledgeable agency […]

Save Money During The Hot Summer Months

We all want to save money on home expenses and have more to spend on the finer things in life. When the seasons change, so do the money-saving strategies. The following are some tips on how to save money during the hot summer months. Replace AC Filters Regularly Filters for air conditioning units are inexpensive, […]

Commercial Insurance: Protection Against Lawsuits

If an unexpected accident takes place at your facility or office, or a lawsuit related to a product or service is filed against your business, the general liability insurance you have in place should cover your losses, including the legal costs involved in defending against it. A general business insurance policy should cover you against […]

Enjoy the fall colors—but keep safety on your mind with these five tips

Most motorcycle riders are three-season riders—out riding a motorcycle on the first pretty day in the spring and parking the bike in storage when the first winter snow falls. In between, there’s the fall riding season. We’ve gathered five tips to help make it safer and more enjoyable. 1. Check tire pressure Checking tire inflation […]

Need Motorcycle Insurance?

If you have recently purchased a motorcycle or are searching for a better option for motorcycle insurance in the area, we are here to help. The team at our agency lives and works in the local area, and we are committed to serving our community of motorcycle riders. We know you need coverage that gives […]

Commercial Auto Insurance: What Is The Best Coverage?

Your company has specific needs for commercial auto insurance coverage. How much coverage should you have in place for liability, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, and medical payments? Your company may rent certain vehicles from time to time, or you may have employees who use their personal cars or trucks for company business. Regardless of the […]

Save Cash With These Summer Home Tips

Summer is here, and with hot weather comes rising electric bills and other costly household expenses. None of these money-saving tips are particularly costly, but each of them can contribute to turning your home into a more comfortable place to escape the blazing summer sun. Replace your air filters in your air conditioner and vents. Accumulated dust, dirt, […]

Motorcycle safety tips to navigate road construction

As a motorcycle rider, you’re well aware that riding season often corresponds with peak road construction work. Unfortunately, riding through construction zones introduces a range of safety risks. Learning to safely navigate road construction takes experience, knowledge, and situational awareness. We’re here to help. Here are some safety tips you can implement as you navigate […]

Motorcycle insurance coverage recommendations

Understand the importance of motorcycle insurance coverage When you’re out for a ride, you want to live in the moment—which means you don’t want a bunch of what-ifs rattling around your brain. “What if I get in an accident?” “What if I get pulled over?” “What if my battery dies?” Quality motorcycle insurance coverage can […]

7 of the best motorcycle rides in the Midwest

America’s heartland may be flyover country to some, but for motorcycle riders it’s a treasure chest of great American motorcycle roads. Whether you ride along one of the Great Lakes, across a mountain ridge, or along the Mississippi River, there are miles and miles of motorcycle smiles to be found. We’ve picked 7 of our […]