Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 based on 38 rated reviews.
  • BD

    “Impeccable Service! ”

  • AH

    “Well you know me after all these years I still micro-manage all my affairs. You all give me the tools in a timely manor to come up with the insurance/costs for my needs.”

  • TM

    “Keep up the good work.”

  • JC

    “Local, personal customer service.”

  • RC

    “Trusting you through beginning with your Dad,Chuck, as well as excellent Claims Svc over our many years with Erie & Connor Ins.”

  • WA

    “Prompt and courteous Customer Service”

  • JG

    “Service can’t be beat. Friendly, helpful, responsive, and creative problem solvers. What else is there? They’re the best!”

  • FC

    “Has always been helpful and knowledgeable.”

  • FC

    “Personal, professional service. Taking the time to do more than only what is required. Really helping when I needed help.”

  • JF

    “The personal touch of a family owned business. Take the time to go over all options, to answer all questions.”

  • RB

    “You answer questions in a very timely manner. We love the quotes that we get. ”

  • RJ

    “After reviewing several insurance companies, Oliver was the most informative and attentive to our needs. He gets the concept of “Service”. I’ve already referred two of my Client’s to him.”

  • MA

    “Connor Insurance agents are very conscientious of the needs and required insurance at a personal level, and offer very competitive prices as well.”

  • BD

    “Very friendly
    And helpful ”

  • MB

    “My experience so far has been great. Everyone at Connor is helpful and show they care about their customers. ”