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Prepare for Hurricane Season: Understanding Flood Insurance in Western North Carolina

The Impact of Hurricanes in Western North Carolina

In the past two decades, Western North Carolina has experienced its share of significant weather events. These included Hurricanes Ivan and Frances in 2004, which resulted in severe flooding, and more recently, the remnants of Hurricane Irma in 2017, which brought high winds and heavy rainfall to the region.

According to the National Weather Service, Hurricane Ivan caused over $40 million in property damage in Western North Carolina. Over 50,000 homes and businesses were affected by flooding, and seven fatalities were reported.

This shows that although we are relatively far from the coast, hurricanes can still significantly impact our region, particularly due to flooding.

NOAA predicts a near-normal 2023 Atlantic hurricane season | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Understanding Flood Insurance

One crucial thing to understand is that most standard homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover damage caused by flooding. This common misunderstanding can lead to significant financial hardship in the wake of a disaster.

A flood can be defined as an overflow of a large body of water and heavy rain and runoff seeping into your home at ground level. Just a few inches of water can cause thousands of dollars in damage.

This is where flood insurance comes in. Flood insurance is a specific policy that covers your home and belongings in the event of flood damage.

Everyone Lives in a Flood Zone!

Contrary to popular belief, every property is in a flood zone—only the risk level differs. While properties in high-risk areas are more likely to experience a flood, properties in moderate-to-low-risk regions account for over 20% of NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) claims and receive one-third of disaster assistance for flooding.

Get Your Flood Insurance Quote Today

Fortunately, obtaining flood insurance in Western North Carolina is a straightforward process and more affordable than you might think. It’s crucial to remember that there is typically a 30-day waiting period from the date of purchase before your policy goes into effect, so get coverage before a hurricane is imminent.

As hurricane season approaches, take the time to understand your flood risk and consider the benefits of flood insurance. It’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind it brings, knowing that your home and possessions are protected from unexpected flood damage.

Contact us today for a quick and easy quote on flood insurance. Our team is ready to help you understand your options and select the best coverage for your needs.

Remember: it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to hurricane season.

Protect your home and assets from the unpredictable wrath of hurricanes with flood insurance today.

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