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Homeowners Insurance

Summer is here, and with hot weather comes rising electric bills and other costly household expenses. None of these money-saving tips are particularly costly, but each of them can contribute to turning your home into a more comfortable …

Motorcycles riding through a road construction area

As a motorcycle rider, you’re well aware that riding season often corresponds with peak road construction work. Unfortunately, riding through construction zones introduces a range of safety risks. Learning to safely navigate road construction takes …

Someone riding a motorcycle and wearing a helmet

Understand the importance of motorcycle insurance coverage When you’re out for a ride, you want to live in the moment—which means you don’t want a bunch of what-ifs rattling around your brain. “What if I …

Road going through an old red bridge that has a roof on it

America’s heartland may be flyover country to some, but for motorcycle riders it’s a treasure chest of great American motorcycle roads. Whether you ride along one of the Great Lakes, across a mountain ridge, or …

Two people riding a motorcycle

Motorcycle riding is too wonderful to not share, so we’ve prepared these passenger safety tips. Taking a safety-first approach as a passenger can help ensure an enjoyable, comfortable experience for both you and the bike’s …

Distressed Woman in Wheelchair in Hospital Room

If you are practicing medicine, malpractice insurance is a must. Myths and misunderstandings surrounding professional liability insurance for doctors make the subject more complicated than it is. Here are some common medical malpractice insurance myths, …

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