Home Maintenance Checklist: Step by Step Guide to Prepare Your Home for the Fall

Your home is likely one of your most valuable assets and keeping it in good condition matters. Before the rainy, colder fall weather rolls in, taking certain steps to prepare your home can protect your home from sustaining damage during the fall and winter months. Clear out Gutters Spend a few hours clearing any debris […]

Ride California’s Angeles Crest Highway

Ready to ride one of the finest motorcycle routes in the Los Angeles metro area? The Angeles Crest Highway—also known as the Angeles Crest Scenic Byway—offers you a thrilling and picturesque alpine alternative to the hustle and bustle of the city. With this guide, we’ll help you prepare for your ride with weather and safety […]

How Should I Budget for Business Insurance?

Your business insurance should cover every possible risk for your operation. It may surprise you that as a basic calculation, the entire range of business insurances, including commercial liability, commercial property insurance, health insurance for employees, workers’ compensation, and other insurances should be budgeted at about 20 to 30 percent of expected gross sales. Smaller […]

Rock River Run: A historic Illinois motorcycle road

Our Rock River Run motorcycle route follows part of the Rock River, a tributary of the Mississippi. During the 19th century, the Rock River was a major trading route between the communities of Rockford and what is now Moline and Rock Island, Illinois. Because the river wasn’t navigable east of Rock Falls, a land pathway […]

How Small Businesses Can Avoid Insurance Mistakes

It takes hard work, dedication, creativity, and tenacity to get a small business up and running successfully, so it makes sense to have the right insurance coverage in place to protect it. In fact, purchasing business insurance may be one of the most important decisions you make. The right coverage can help prevent unforeseen events […]

Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Air Conditioning?

Driving a car with no A/C can be miserable during the hot summer months, particularly during a heatwave. As important as it is to your comfort and that of your passengers, automotive air conditioning can be expensive to repair or replace when it breaks down or malfunctions. In many cases, when the A/C malfunctions it […]

A motorcycle rider’s guide to the Pacific Coast Highway

California’s coastal redwoods are among the world’s tallest trees. You owe it to yourself to experience these majestic natural wonders in person—and what better way to do that than on your motorcycle? US Highway 101 (US101), also known as the Redwood Highway, allows you to ride through these mighty redwoods, particularly along a 31-mile section […]

How To Control Workers’ Compensation Costs

Workers’ compensation has become a major contributing factor to the cost of business insurance. Premiums are high for many types of businesses, and the additional costs associated with employee injuries can be staggering. However, business owners are not as helpless as they may feel in controlling the cost of workers’ compensation insurance. Our knowledgeable agency […]

Save Money During The Hot Summer Months

We all want to save money on home expenses and have more to spend on the finer things in life. When the seasons change, so do the money-saving strategies. The following are some tips on how to save money during the hot summer months. Replace AC Filters Regularly Filters for air conditioning units are inexpensive, […]

Best questions to ask when buying a used motorcycle

Knowing which questions to ask before making your used motorcycle purchase can mean the difference between buying a great used motorcycle at a sweet price or ending up with a bike that nickel-and-dimes you for years. Review these seven tips and you’ll be prepared to ask questions that help you make a smart buying decision. […]